How to stimulate physical development of the child in 1 year

How to stimulate physical development of the child in 1 year

The one-year-old child can make a lot of things and often surprises parents with the skills. The first year of life of the child is a fascinating adventure for parents who watch closely its physical development. Then at the newborn various behavior models, for example, sucking of fingers, jolting of a rattle, a fascinating reflex develop.

Physical development of the child – on what there is capable a one-year-old child?

In physical development of the one-year-old child of a muscle become stronger, and the child wants to use it. He wants to lie on a back less and less – the objects located only around a bed do not interest him any more. He not only turns the head, watching adults, but also tries to turn more persistently. And he manages it in increasing frequency. It is the reason that you can be proud of progress of your child, but also a signal that you should not leave his one on a sofa or a changing table even for a moment. It lies on a tummy more patiently, than a month ago. In this situation it can symmetrically lean on forearms and raise the head so highly that can look directly forward. And if you try to lay the child, he will try to raise the head and shoulders.

On the third month of life the kid willingly is engaged in an extension. It is the next stage of physical development of the child. Capture is already not just refleksorny. The kid holds a rattle and long enough shakes it. He begins to see objects which he did not notice earlier. He sees the world in three dimensions as adults. Begins to beat with legs that often gives it a lot of joy.

During this period the child becomes very "talkative" - more often he makes sounds (usually this buzz), but also sighs and shouts for joy. Some of these sounds will turn into mutter and then the speech. At the end of the first year the neonatal reflexes gradually disappear. It means that the first most important stage of physical development of the child in the correct course comes to an end. You can watch even more the one-year-old child who begins to creep, sit down, to do new gestures, to ugukat. 

What motor changes can you expect from the one-year-old child?

The period of growing begins, try to use this time to have fun together. Put the child on a tummy, make so several times a day and put before it toys. It strengthens muscles and stimulates sight. Talk to the child, read him books, it is preferable in what there are a lot of words, the imitating sounds, for example, knock, whistle, noise, dropping, sounds of animals.

Buy tiny puppets and make mini-theater, moving hands and transferring the voice to tiny dolls (change tone more often, the text does not matter).

Remember finger-type games from your childhood. They perfectly develop dexterity of the child and sensitivity of hands. Try to make so that your child touched warm, cold, firm, soft, rough and smooth objects more often. Let's it play in a bathtub - let splashes, throws toys, puts hands under a water jet. You go to the pool with the kid. Dance with the child together on hands, swing on a leg - it is cheerful, keeps development of muscles, balance and feelings. You leave to the park, to the forest, sometimes in cafe. Let the kid will get used to new and unknown situations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team