How to stimulate the speech of the child

How to stimulate the speech of the child

The child's brain – the unique system with ease perceiving and analyzing any information. For the first years of life the child masters the most difficult tasks, and ability to speak – one of them. In our forces to help him with it especially as for this purpose it is only necessary to communicate more.


1. You speak with the child. Many parents feel uncertainly when they need to communicate with the kid who does not talk yet. Actually, long before they will begin to speak, children perfectly understand the meaning of what was said on intonation and familiar words. Thus they fill up the passive lexicon. Communicating with the child, comment on the actions, tell him about everything that surrounds it on the street and at home. Try to speak slowly and accurately, choose simple words and phrases.

2. Play games with sounds. When the kid only begins to say the first sounds, answer him. Repeat sounds, smile, you speak with him – let to it know pleasure from communication. Well various children's verses and songs and also games where the speech is followed by actions, such as "Forty - the crow cooked porridge …" stimulate the speech, "Also many others went-went to the forest behind nuts …".

3. Read to the child aloud. Reading aloud helps out parents, it is difficult to them to talk to the kid. Try to make the reading expressive: represent voices of different animals, make pauses, give by voice mood. If the kid is not adjusted to listen long and seeks to turn quicker a page, choose books with bright illustrations and just tell the child what occurs on pictures. At the same time try to focus its attention on the image at least for a while, point a finger at what you speak about.

4. When the kid begins to talk, support him in it. React to his words, try to understand what he tells. As a rule, parents who spend with the child much time in 2-3 weeks of communication begin to understand the kid even if he speaks quite unclear.

5. Be patient. All children develop in the rhythm, and many long accumulate a lexicon before I begin to speak. If something disturbs you, consult with the doctor, but only do not create around this visit of an unhealthy rush.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team