How to stop a fit of coughing at the child

How to stop a fit of coughing at the child

The severe cough usually torments children of younger age. There is it because of features to the structure of a throat around vocal chords. Most often laryngitis - hypostasis mucous is the reason of cough. Strong attacks of the barking cough are observed at night, especially in a phase of exacerbation of a disease (first 2-3 days). But not always responsible for cough - laryngitis, it can be also allergic reaction of an organism, or common irritation in a throat in the period of a disease. It is possible to stop cough in various ways.

It is required to you

  • - alkaline drink;
  • - honey;
  • - butter;
  • - inhalations;
  • - children's cough syrup.


1. If the fit of coughing happened when the kid slept, put him and let's drink. If cough and continues to torment, let the child resemble. As drink well approaches: alkaline mineral water, a glass of water with a quarter of a soda teaspoon, warm milk or broth of a camomile. These means soften a mucous membrane of a throat, irritation passes, cough weakens.

2. It is possible to facilitate cough by means of honey or butter a little. Let the child slowly rassost a tea spoon of honey or oil. But be careful if the kid has an allergy to beekeeping products, then the state can only be aggravated.

3. When improvement is not observed, and cough only amplifies, make to the kid inhalation. In emergency, in the period of severe suffocation at laryngitis, quickly discover hot water in the bathroom, and let the kid will breathe over steam. Also the humidity to the room rises, airways are moistened, and cough slowly stops. You can do inhalations about use of essential oil of a cedar. Pour hot water into a bowl and add a little oil, let the child will breathe.

4. Children's syrups which part a large amount of essential oils is will help to facilitate cough. Give to the kid a necessary dose of syrup. In certain cases this way perfectly helps. But if it not just irritation in a drink and dry cough, then is better to call the expert nevertheless. Not always it turns out to remove an attack in house conditions and it is dangerous to self-medicate.

5. If the kid was advised to hospitalize, do not hesitate. Quite often banal dry cough is laryngitis which can pass into a false croup. In an aggravation stage the kid can just die because of narrowing of a gleam in a throat. For simplification of a state and removal of hypostasis to the child will enter Prednisolonum before arrival to hospital. Diseases will treat in a hospital. And also to the kid inhalations on special the equipment will be appointed.

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