How to stop a hysterics at the child

How to stop a hysterics at the child

Such not palatable phenomenon as a children's hysterics is familiar to most of parents. When your child begins to shout at the top of the voice, to cry, stamp legs and to fall to the ground, it is difficult to show endurance and self-control. But it is necessary if you want to stop a hysterics at the child.


1. First of all calm down. Having given in to emotions – quite natural, it is necessary to recognize – you will not be able to help the kid. Therefore inhale more deeply and try to keep internal balance.

2. Try to distract the child. Often this simple reception is effective, children easily switch the attention to something new, interesting unusual. Do not abuse the kid at this moment and you do not threaten with punishment for bad behavior – it will only strengthen its emotional pressure.

3. If the hysterics happened at home, quietly and kindly, but firmly tell: "I am ready to talk to you when you calm down. Now I will go to cook (to wash the dishes, to clean up, read the book …), and you calm down and come to me". After that leave the room, having for a while left the child of one. Quite often it happens enough – for a hysterics the audience and listeners are necessary. Before leaving, surely make sure that the kid in safety also can express the emotions without risk to be traumatized.

4. If the hysterics began in shop, on the street – where around you there are a lot of people, for a start find an opportunity to take away the child to more lonely place. Awkwardness which you test, having come under the spotlight of people around because of behavior of the child, will not allow you to remain quiet. You remember: the hysterics is usually calculated on outer effect, and you need to minimize it.

5. When the kid by means of a hysterics tries to achieve the desirable (purchase of sweets, for example), show hardness. Do not try to stop a hysterics at the child concessions – so you turn them into a habit. The child has to know that a hysterics – absolutely unacceptable way of communication. Do not persuade the kid and do not feel sorry for him, in such cases it is necessary to wait just patiently when he calms down. Be consecutive and patient – then children's hysterics pretty fast will stop.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team