How to stop bleeding at pregnancy

How to stop bleeding at pregnancy

Expectation of the kid - a wonderful time for the woman, especially, when pregnancy proceeds without complications. But it happens that for the unknown reasons the bleeding develops and pregnancy from first weeks appears under the threat.


1. Bleeding at pregnancy seldom begins suddenly. Usually the condition of threat of pregnancy is followed by tension and nagging pains in the bottom of a stomach. Actually bleeding at pregnancy is already sign of the begun otsloyka of a placenta therefore it is necessary to work from first seconds correctly - life of your kid under the threat.

2. If you noticed at yourself bloody allocations, immediately accept horizontal position and do not get up. Surely see a doctor. It is the best of all to call the ambulance, but not to go to hospital independently.

3. There will not arrive the doctor yet, take two medicines of No-Spa or soothing: extract of a valerian or motherwort. Lying in a bed, put legs on the eminence.

4. Use daily or usual laying, but not a tampon. Do not adopt hygienic procedures before arrival of the doctor and be not even washed away! The doctor can determine danger of your state by color and the nature of allocations.

5. It is possible to stop bloody allocations at pregnancy, taking a pill of artificial progesterone. They are written out only by the gynecologist. For performing treatment the doctor will make sure that in your organism a lack of this hormone which is responsible for pregnancy preservation.

6. Poor bloody allocations during approximate dates monthly are observed at 10% of women. In the people this phenomenon is called "washing of a fruit". At the same time the mucous membrane of a uterus is partially torn away with insignificant amount of blood. If the doctor confirmed that your state does not threaten the child, take care these days and take medicine according to the recommendation of the doctor.

7. Observe absolute sexual rest! It is not recommended even to experience excitement therefore as much as possible protect yourself from intimate caress.

8. Even if you take a pill according to the scheme and regularly consult with your doctor, watch color of allocations. Brownish and colors of laundry soap of allocation are less dangerous and at the supporting therapy can be norm option. But in case of bright red blood immediately call the ambulance.

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