How to stop the bleeding at the child

How to stop the bleeding at the child

As a rule, the first reaction to nasal bleeding panic. Blood of pleasant feelings does not cause and if it appears on a child's face - nervousness is inevitable. But all emotions it is necessary to leave and start performance of the main task – a blood stop.


1. First of all calm down and calm the child. Really happened terrible nothing. Understand when the kid is excited and cries, his heart fights much stronger and more often, in this regard arterial blood pressure increases that leads to increase in loss of blood.

2. Seat the child, him incline the head forward that blood could flow freely from a nostril. The one who considers that the head needs to be thrown back back is mistaken. Such situation will only provoke hit of blood in airways.

3. Cold is capable to reduce blood circulation therefore you can quite use ice, a cold wet towel, etc. Carefully apply a cold subject to a nose, a forehead or the child's neck. The main thing that legs at it were in heat.

4. Take off close clothes from the kid and for several minutes open a window, having provided thereby a stream of fresh air to the room.

5. For 10 minutes accurately press a nose nostril to a partition. After squeezing of vessels of a mucous membrane of a nose the blood clot is formed thanks to what bleeding will quickly stop.

6. If the bleeding long is not stopped, put a tampon in each nostril of the child, previously having moistened in vasoconstrictive solution or solution of peroxide of hydrogen.

7. If within 10-15 minutes the bleeding does not stop or at manipulations with a nose you will feel the shift of nasal cartilages at the child, or will grope a foreign subject – do not undertake to cope with a problem. Call a doctor.

8. When bleeding at the child is stopped, surely sort out the reasons of his emergence. As a rule, nasal bleedings cause: injuries of a nose, head, catarrhal diseases, allergic reactions, dryness of air, active physical exercises and existence of foreign objects in a nose.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team