How to stop the child's hysterics

How to stop the child's hysterics

Each parent faced (or still will face) such phenomenon as a children's hysterics. In fact, it is nothing else as the theater production aimed only at a public catharsis. During the long researches of behavior of the child it was found out that any kid will never begin "representation", previously without having made sure that it is listened, at least, by one "viewer". It is simple to guess that duration of "scene" directly depends on "spectator" reaction.


1. Try to occupy the child with something. Suggest, for example, to go to walk or carry away him any musical toy (drum, an accordion, a pipe). Actually, music very well influences children's mentality. In principle, also any creative process demanding concentration can calm the kid. Give it pieces of chalk, pencils, paints, plasticine, etc. Remember that a lot of things depend on what tone you address the kid. In practice, the quiet, balanced request reaches much quicker, than the loud order which is broken on shout.

2. Just try to ignore hysterical behavior of the kid of, at least, 5-10 minutes. Aim not to communicate with it throughout this insignificant period at all. As a result, the child will refuse vain attempts to cause participation to the person by means of a hysterics. After he recovers, reward him communication, without having forgotten to explain, at the same time, with quiet tone that similar tricks will not meet your sympathy.

3. If the hysterics began to drag on - take away the kid to the room where he can remain alone with own emotions. Before leaving him, make sure that there it is safe, and he will not be able to put himself a mutilation. Then you will leave the room. The principle of action of this method of fight against a hysterics is same - there is no viewer, respectively, there is nobody to roll up a hysterics.

4. Happens that "drama" is played directly on the street or in shop. In such situation stock up with patience and wait when bothers the child. Certainly, you can try to distract "the young actor" from storming passions. Though, hardly you will manage it, proceeding from the fact that in the hall there will be full "notice". But you should not let such behavior. When passions settle - explain to the kid that he behaved incorrectly and very much upset you. Otherwise, each your issue will be followed by similar tricks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team