How to stop thinking about pregnancy

How to stop thinking about pregnancy

Thoughts of pregnancy of some women can bring to a deep depression, especially, if there is a strong wish to bring the child, but it is impossible to make it in any way. Sometimes psychological infertility and as soon as the woman ceases to be obsessed with thoughts of childbirth is the reason for that, her dream of the kid is turned into reality.


1. Occupy yourself with something interesting. Go, for example, to a travel, only to those places in which the climate not strongly differs from habitual for you. Do not while away the time in hotel, and visit various entertaining institutions, you go to exhibitions, you go by an excursion, admire sights, be photographed, you strike up new acquaintances. Enjoy rest. Try to forget about the strong desire to become pregnant. Think that when you have a kid, you will have no so much free time completely to plunge into rest.

2. Change the way of life. Go hiking, sign up for any courses depending on the preferences, buy the subscription to the pool or the gym, be engaged in the amateur photo, etc. Try to make so that at you as little as possible time remained on a thought of unfortunate pregnancy. If nevertheless it is impossible to get rid of similar thoughts at you, try to work on yourself from the psychological point of view. For example, present that you throw out thoughts to the fast noisy river, and they disappear in water. Then again return to with what were busy. Do not dare to distract.

3. Reject unpleasant thoughts. Some women who cannot become pregnant often begin to blame for it themselves. It is impossible to do it at all. It will only aggravate situation, thoughts will become gloomy, and approach of pregnancy will happen absolutely not soon. Try to release a situation and will calm down. Convince yourself that the kid is not born because not time yet. There are situations when pregnancy occurs then when the woman refuses the desire.

4. Ask the relatives and friends not to speak about children, conception, childbirth, etc. at your presence. Minimize communication with people who at each opportunity ask you about when you, at last, bring the kid.

5. You do not tell yourselves at all that you will have no children or especially as you cannot have them, differently over time you inspire in yourself these thoughts. Know that you surely will become beautiful mother, just there has to pass time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team