How to strengthen children's immunity

How to strengthen children's immunity

Parents try in any ways to protect kids from flu, but the children's organism cannot often cope with viruses and infections independently. That the child did not undergo infection, it is necessary to strengthen his immunity. With it parents will be helped by hardening, physical education, folk remedies and vitamins.

If the child often is ill, he observes drowsiness, weakness and fast fatigue, it is necessary to help children's immunity urgently. Some parents mistakenly think that there are enough vitamins or campaigns to the pool, but only an integrated approach will help.

Food and day regimen

If the child attends kindergarten, its day is organized correctly, that is walks, a dream and feeding happen every day in at one time. If the kid does not visit preschool institutions, then parents have to deal with this issue. It is important that children slept two times a day and fully ate.

In a diet there have to be products containing prebiotics and a probiotics. It is better to exclude sausages, canned food, sausages and marinades. And fruit, vegetables, haricot, peas, grain, prunes, raisin, cheese, fermented milk products and fast meat will help to strengthen immunity.

Physical education and regular walks in the fresh air

Physical exercises and hardening will help to strengthen health of the child. These procedures reduce risk of infection with viral diseases and make active antibodies and cages which struggle with infections. Pediatricians advise to walk with the child not less than 3 hours a day, to daily do exercises and to be engaged in hardening. It can be air and water. In the first case air and solar bathtubs are carried out, it is also necessary to do in warm season exercises in the fresh air, to allow the kid to run barefoot on sand and a grass.

Water hardening is possible only if the child is not afraid of this procedure. It is necessary to carry out it every day at the same time, since temperature to 30 °C, and then gradually to reduce it.

Folk remedies

Parents can make useful and tasty cranberry, apples and walnuts jam. On 1 kg of berries 2 glasses of the peeled walnuts and 5 green apples are required.

Nuts crush and mix with the kneaded cranberry, wash apples and cut small into cubes, add to other ingredients. All products pour out in a pan, add on 1 glass of water and sugar, well mix. And when mix will begin to boil, it is removed from fire, cooled and spilled on banks. For strengthening of immunity 2 times a day on 1 tablespoon give it to the child.

Also nuts and dried fruits desserts are vitamin-rich. Means from honey, walnuts and dried apricots will help to protect the child from flu. All products it is necessary to take 100 g, to pass them via the meat grinder with a lemon and to give to the kid 1 tsp a day.

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