How to strengthen health of the child

How to strengthen health of the child

That the health of the child was always good — it is necessary to strengthen his immunity constantly. The immunity helps an organism to struggle with infections and to test hazardous substances resistance.


1. During the winter period prepare for your child a hot bathtub. Pleskayas in a hot bathtub, diving and coming up, he will test certain "microshocks" from unexpected change of cold and heat. It will help an organism to react to temperature change quickly.

2. For development of immune particles, change of heat with a cool will help. The sauna or a bath is for this purpose necessary. Let the child will start anew will become tempered from 3-5 minutes, leaving a sweating room to the cool room.

3. Constantly air the room, especially during the winter period. Experts recommend to maintain indoors temperature 23 From Celsius.

4. accustom your kid to wash more often hands, it will help to reduce risk of infection by 50%.

5. If your child came stood from the street, then make to him a hot leg bath. It will accelerate blood circulation in a throat and extremities.

6. The children's immunity easily can undermine passive smoking. Protect the child from tobacco smoke.

7. Give to the child more fruit, and replace candies with dried fruits. The healthy nutrition - positively affects health of the child.

8. Will help to protect health — vitamins. Give to the baby vitamins daily.

9. Do not give to the child water from under the crane. It is better to replace water from under the crane, for example, with water from the spring.

10. Walk with the children more, it will help work of his intestines. The correct work of intestines — guarantee of high immunity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team