How to strengthen immunity during pregnancy

How to strengthen immunity during pregnancy

Pregnancy – the important period in the woman's life. The correct development of a fruit and good health of mom depend on many factors including from work of the immune system of a female body, its ability to resist to infections. That pregnancy proceeded without complications, it is necessary to strengthen immunity.


1. Food has to be balanced. That the immune system worked correctly, include the products containing food fibers in a diet. Haricot, an asparagus, a fig, bananas, vegetable cultures and onions concern them. Also onions and garlic possess suppressing growth and development of bacteria by properties as contain phytoncides. If you do not want to eat them in a large number, cut a head of garlic or a bulb on small pieces and spread out in the room on saucers. Do not neglect also fermented milk products, they not only will become a calcium source for you and future child, but also will support immunity due to enrichment of an organism with lactobacilli. Surely eat the fruit and berries rich with vitamin C. The dogrose, a cranberry, a citrus, a kiwi will help you to strengthen immune protection of an organism. Accept the vitamin complexes appointed by the doctor.

2. Fresh air and the movement will also help you to resist to infections. Walk in parks and squares, be engaged in physical exercises for pregnant women, register to the pool. Water procedures besides will give effect of easy hardening that too will help to strengthen protective forces of an organism. Two times a week do damp house cleaning. Air the apartment and the working room as fresh air does not allow to concentrate to bacteria, so, the risk will be to catch an infection minimum.

3. Observe hygiene, very many diseases can be got through public objects. Wash hands with soap more often and if there is no such opportunity, always take in antiseptic gel and wet towel wipes. For prevention of diseases during epidemics you carry a gauze bandage which it is necessary to change each three hours. Try to avoid communication with sick relatives or colleagues. Buy oksolinovy ointment which is known for the protective properties at regular greasing of a nose. At home it is possible to rinse a throat broth of a camomile or a calendula.

4. During pregnancy try to have a rest more often, the weakened, tired organism resists infections worse. The full-fledged dream will positively affect not only your immunity, but also mood.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team