How to strengthen the child's teeth

How to strengthen the child's teeth

In the West health of teeth of children is considered one of indicators of wellbeing of family. As children became a part of image, parents regularly take away them to the stomatologist that allows to warn diseases of an oral cavity and for many years to keep strong teeth. It would be good if the similar tradition appeared also in the Russian families.


1. As soon as at the kid the first teeth are cut, it is necessary to train him in hygiene of an oral cavity. After each meal mom has to wipe accurately the child's mouth with bandage or the gauze moistened in soda solution. When the kid celebrates the second anniversary, it is necessary to show it how independently to brush teeth. Perfectly, if at this time mom the first time takes away the child to the stomatologist.

2. In 2 years there is a registration in kindergarten, not for nothing sanitation of an oral cavity is included into the obligatory list of procedures which there has to pass future kindergartner. On the first visit the specialist stomatologist tells the little patient about how it is important to watch purity of teeth, healthy milk teeth – pledge of strong second teeth.

3. In 6-7 years at the preschool child second teeth begin to appear. For this moment an oral cavity of a dolzn to be absolutely healthy, otherwise caries will with great pleasure be thrown on new weak teeth. It is a high time to visit the stomatologist for holding a procedure of sealing of fissures. Enamel of new teeth soft. Its ripening requires year and this year it is especially vulnerable. Sealant will be able to protect it from destruction.

4. In 9-12 years it is worth making remineralization of teeth. Just at this time almost all milk teeth are replaced by constants. In stomatology from teeth of the child the mold is removed, on it make to a cap on both jaws. Houses of a cap it is filled with special gel from which come to tissues of tooth calcium, the phosphorus strengthening tissues of teeth. It is enough to carry to a cap 20 minutes a day within 2 weeks then a break is taken.

5. It is very important that children's, and after and the young organism received the calcium and D3 vitamin promoting its assimilation. At a diet of the child there have to be fermented milk products, black bread, greens, sesame, dried fruits, cabbage. Perfectly proved the mustard oil which is an alternative to cod-liver oil. It contains necessary for digestion of calcium an omega-3 fatty acids.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team