How to struggle with children's fears

How to struggle with children's fears

Children often are afraid of something: darkness, separation from mom, etc. That children's fears did not turn then into adult phobias, it is necessary to take measures in time. How to struggle with children's fears? Of course, by means of a game and caress. A little mother's "magic" will not prevent.

How to struggle with children's fears by means of the fairy tale

Psychology of children such is that, listening to the fairy tale, they imagine themselves on the place of heroes. Why only to imagine? Write the fairy tale for the child! For example, the child is afraid of the unknown being living under the bed.

Describe a situation in a fantastic manner: "There lived a boy (girl) by name … (a name of the child). Above all he was afraid of the Being who lives under the bed …" and smoothly bring to a solution. For example: "… And the Being above all was afraid of a magic pocket mirror (a cube, etc., something, really available for the child among toys). And the boy just had it …" And further let events develop in such a way that the hero of the fairy tale banished the Being forever.

How to struggle with children's fears by means of a game

If the option with the fairy tale did not approach, it is possible just to play a game: "We banish fear". Let the child will draw what he is afraid of. Then together take a black marker and paint over the drawing strips as if locking fear in a cage. Or tear the drawing, symbolically destroying fear.

Instead of the drawing it is possible to use a pillow. You remember, how in a newsreel "Jumble": the boy was afraid of the hooligan from a class, made houses the offender's figure of a pillow and properly beat it – and the fear passed.

How to struggle with children's fears by means of words

To struggle with children's fears and to win, learn not to ignore fears of the child. Be not fenced off from children's problems, as from something insignificant. Also it is not recommended to speak to the child: "Of what are you afraid how small? You are already big!".

Psychologists advise to impart experience with the child, for example: "You know, I was afraid of it in the childhood too, but I made so, and ceased to be afraid". If the child to a hysterics is afraid of any forthcoming events (competitions, an examination, etc.), support children's spirit of independence and courage: "I trust, at you it will turn out!", "You will be able!", "Let's be trained together to be ready to any circumstances".

Often children to a shiver are afraid of any medical manipulations. And all because mothers forget to explain plainly what will be there - in an office at the doctor.

It is easy to overcome children's fears of doctors: in detail and available language inform the child that for the procedure it is necessary and for what it is necessary. For example: "Your teeth ceased to protect you from microbes and therefore we need the help of the stomatologist. The doctor will look at teeth and will impose special ointment which stiffens. This ointment is called a seal". Supporting words with a game or the fairy tale, encouraging the child, you will be able to overcome children's fears and to become for the kid the true friend and a support.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team