How to struggle with cruelty

How to struggle with cruelty

The cruelty, envy, hatred of people on the relation to each other are those negative manifestations which generate quarrels, the conflicts, violence, wars. Fight of good against the evil is relevant existence of mankind on Earth at all times. It is necessary to start serious fight with cruelty, first of all, from itself, having turned a look on own thoughts, words and acts.


1. Analyze your outlook, your living position concerning kindness in all its manifestations. Honestly answer yourself questions: whether kind you person? In what your kindness is shown? Whether you make the evil? Whether other people suffer because of you? Sum up the result of your introspection, having planned concrete ways on achievement of your purpose.

2. Before criticizing someone, think whether it is fair and constructive? Perhaps, move you such feelings how revenge, envy, rage? Try to eradicate in similar negative emotions. Remember that there are no perfect people on Earth, and you also hardly treat their number. So, everyone has the right for mistakes and shortcomings. Also refuse condemnations, criticism and discussion of defects of other people. You remember one of bible precepts: "Do not judge and we do not judge you will be"?

3. Set an example of goodhearted behavior in practice, it will be especially valuable to younger generation. Often parents, grandmothers and grandfathers, without noticing that, teach own children and grandchildren the first lessons of cruelty. To get rid of a pet, to curse someone the last words, to pass indifferently by the person lying on the earth – familiar situations, isn't that so? The most sad that often all this occurs in front of the child from whom the same ruthless and selfish adult, as well as his "tutors" grows up then.

4. If manifestation of cruelty happens on your eyes, seek to stop it by all means. It can be the most various situations, from mockery of the child at a homeless cat before beating of the person by group of bandits. In the first case stop the child, protect a poor animal, try to cause a conversation in the young person feeling of pity, new to it. In the second case you call in police, call to the aid, do something, without showing indifference where someone's life can depend on your participation.

5. Participate in charity, at the same time it is not obligatory to support. You remember a phrase from the old Soviet movie "Elder sister": "The kind word and a cat is pleasant"? Sincerely share the kindness, the positive emotions, positive outlook with people and the world will begin to answer you with the same soon!

6. Read kind wise books and impart love for them to the children and grandchildren, do not choose and do not recommend others viewing cruel fighters with a lot of violence. You watch that your younger generation was not fond of cruel computer shooter games. Only having seeded reasonable, kind, eternal, it is possible to hope for fine shoots of good and love.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team