How to struggle with heartburn at pregnancy

How to struggle with heartburn at pregnancy

Most of pregnant women face such trouble as heartburn. It begins most often after the 24th week of pregnancy when the uterus rises above the woman's navel. But especially painful and intolerable is heartburn after the 30th week of pregnancy. Therefore each future mom has to know how to struggle with heartburn, in case of its sudden emergence.


1. First of all, try not to provoke appearance of hated heartburn. Do not overeat, exclude from the habitual food allowance all fried, sharp, fat, marinated and also are blown, stimulating production of hydrochloric acid and irritating mucous a stomach. Treat those: fat grades of fish and meat, fancy bread, fresh bread, the hard-boiled eggs, sour berries and fruit. Limit consumption of coffee and chocolate, and refuse carbonated drinks absolutely. Include in the menu the products having alkaline properties, for example, low-fat meat, soft-boiled eggs, sour cream and cream. Try to eat everything baked, boiled and steamed.

2. Try to eat often, but in the small portions, carefully chewing food. After a meal you do not lay down to have a rest or sleep within half an hour. Horizontal position of a body is capable to provoke hit of hydrochloric acid from a stomach in a gullet.

3. At the first signs of appearance of heartburn drink a kissel mug. This drink envelops a gullet, reducing in it burning, naturally, eliminating unpleasant feelings.

4. The easiest way of fight against hated heartburn during pregnancy is to drink drink which part warm milk and grated sweet almonds is at its emergence.

5. It is possible to struggle with heartburn during pregnancy by means of the use, as required, of special curative herbs infusion. Mix in equal parts of basilicas, a marjoram, a yarrow and ginger. Make 1 teaspoon of a herbal blend 1 glass of boiled water and let's medicine infuse within 10 minutes. Filter means and accept it up to a throat during the day.

6. Well helps to struggle with heartburn during pregnancy and a flax seed decoction. It is absolutely simple to prepare it. Add 1 tablespoon of seeds of a flax to 1 glass of water. You boil medicine within 5-7 minutes on slow fire. Then cool broth, filter and accept at appearance of heartburn.

7. The filbert, sunflower sunflower seeds, oat flakes, fresh juice of potatoes and milk is capable to reduce acidity of a stomach.

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