How to struggle with shyness of the child

How to struggle with shyness of the child

As a rule, timid children do not bring any concern to people around: they are obedient, try to satisfy all requests turned to them, do not argue and do not row. It would seem why to struggle with such behavior? But actually, for too timid children in adulthood it can be very difficult as they become diffident, are not able to argue the own point of view, it is much simpler to them to agree with opinion of other person, than to prove the case. The adult needs to be firmer, otherwise he risks to carry out all the life not just playing a supporting role, and on the third or even the fourth. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of excessive shyness. For a start it is necessary to understand for what reason in general the child became timid.


1. The shyness can sometimes be descended. Therefore parents should understand whether they are timid people. When the child grows in such environment, he perceives behavior of parents as he exclusively correct and, respectively, copies it.

2. Sometimes the shyness is the acquired quality which appeared after some serious event which shocked injured or the child. In a stressful situation children often change and become reserved, it also causes emergence of such qualities. Most often, in such situations the help of the psychologist who will understand after what concrete events the child exchanged, will understand that he disturbs him and will try to eliminate these alarms is required to return the kid to a habitual way of life.

3. If parents constantly criticizes the child or excessively control, then shyness and strong diffidence in it is mute begin to progress. He constantly feels an impact from parents, it disturbs him, he is afraid not to equal their hopes or again to undergo criticism. When any action of the child is followed by negative responses of parents, at it desire to show any initiative simply vanishes.

4. Sometimes the shyness at the child appears from behind the wrong behavior of teachers at school or schoolmates. The school can humiliate publicly the child so that his self-assessment will suffer forever. Therefore it is extremely important to have trusting relationship with the child that he could always share the intimate experiences and also tell about events which happened to him in any given day then the probability that the parent will not lose sight of this critical situation is high and will take measures in time.

5. It is possible to struggle with shyness only constantly talking to the child and trying to lift his self-assessment. He has to understand that it is loved and appreciate it what it is, it does not have need to imitate others or to be ashamed of the action, parents will be able always to support him. It is not necessary to say that shyness - it is bad because it can install still big complexes in the child. It is necessary to explain to him that in some situations the shyness can serve good service, but it is necessary to be able to cope with it, and becomes more self-assured.

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