How to study English with the child

How to study English with the child

Some parents are skeptical about home schooling of the child to English. Their main argument is: "What can I give to the child if itself plainly I do not know language?". Absolutely in vain parents argue thus, closing for themselves and for the child an opportunity to develop together.

It is required to you

  • - the training computer programs;
  • - daily practice;
  • - monetary investments.


1. Train the child by means of simple computer games. There are special games helping the child to learn English. It is possible to find them in any shop trading in DVD or to download from the Internet. As a rule, such games establish connection in consciousness of the child between the image of a subject or phenomenon, its graphic writing in English and the sound embodiment. Plus is that the child can form the correct pronunciation, study words in English in fascinating playful way. The only thing what it is worth watching that work at the computer did not tire the kid. It is worth beginning from 15-20 minutes a day.

2. Study with the child verses and songs in English. It is worth realizing also its actor's abilities and to put small sketches in English. In such creative form it will be simpler to child to get acquainted with language, new to it.

3. Create a suitable language environment in the house. Put songs in house English. For the beginning polyglot it is important to hear the English speech constantly. At the unconscious level the grammatical constructions, set expressions will be fixed in his consciousness. It is also useful to watch animated films in English together with the child.

4. Employ the nurse or the teacher who will speak with the child only English. During walk, a game, feeding, charging the teacher can train the child in the new words and the simplest rules of grammar. If you have no opportunity to employ the tutor, be engaged with it independently. It will help also you to raise own level of knowledge of language.

5. Think up a form of assessment of achievements in learning English. It is the best of all to do it in a creative form. On the next birthday someone from family members prepare together with the child a congratulation in English. It can be the self-made card signed in English, the studied poem or the song, the congratulatory speech in English. Think out together, stimulate creative thinking of children.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team