How to suit the child in a garden without registration

How to suit the child in a garden without registration

Reception of children in preschool institution is carried out according to acts of the Russian Federation, in particular No. 3266-1 of 10.07.92. and with laws of territorial subjects of the Russian Federation. The Russian Federation Government decree for No. 666 of 12.09.08. changes, additions and standard regulations on reception of children and completing of preschool institutions are made. To suit the child in kindergarten, it is necessary to address to regional municipality and to submit the list of documents.

It is required to you

  • - passport and photocopy
  • - birth certificate and photocopy
  • - the statement of the unified form
  • - documents of exempts


1. In the cities, especially in megalopolises, it is possible to rise on turn for receiving the place in kindergarten if one of parents has a constant local registration. In small country towns try to agree and you will be put on a waiting list on time registration or at the actual place of residence. The exception is made by children of the military personnel. This category of children is put on a waiting list for receiving the place in kindergarten at the actual place of residence, irrespective of the city and the region in which they live.

2. Therefore if you want suit the child in child care facility, one of parents needs to issue constant registration at least. To register in any city does not make a major issue as mass media are filled with announcements of various firms and individuals who offer this service for the acceptable sum.

3. After that address to local administration. Submit the passport and a photocopy of all its pages, the birth certificate and a photocopy, fill out the offered application form. If you have any privileges, it is necessary to submit documents about existence of privileges.

4. Privileges, for extraordinary granting the place in kindergarten, have: single mothers, large families, combatants, children whose parents were orphans, adopted and taken under guardianship, children of employees of justice, the employees who died when performing an office debt, disabled children or which have disabled parents or in family there is a disabled person.

5. If you live in the country town or in rural areas, it is possible to address to administration without registration or with temporary registration. Most often parents manage to agree that their children were put on a waiting list for receiving the place in kindergarten.

6. If there are no options with a registration, and without registration do not put on a waiting list, then it is always possible to find a way out. Now a huge number of private kindergartens, house groups or, as a last resort, it is possible to employ the nurse.

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