How to support immunity of the child

How to support immunity of the child

Any parent is concerned by how to support immunity of the child. Health of the kid, his full development, and subsequently and the progress at school, is directly connected with protective forces of an organism. There are several ways by means of which it is possible to strengthen children's immunity.

It is required to you

  • Vitamins, healthy products, dogrose


1. First of all it is necessary to organize healthy food at which all substances necessary for it will come to an organism. At the same time it is necessary to remember that in many respects the state of health depends on intestinal flora. When it is populated with useful bacteria, the children's immunity does an organism to more resistant to external infections. Normal functioning of intestinal flora not only prebiotics, but also healthy food support. Therefore daily at the kids menu there have to be fermented milk products, fruit and vegetables.

2. During the periods of off-season it is desirable to accept special vitamin complexes as it is not always possible to provide requirements of an organism only by means of the balanced menu. It is previously desirable to consult with the attending physician because vitamins are not so safe as can seem. At certain diseases the abuse of vitamins can lead to complications.

3. Hardening influences strengthening of children's immunity. During the summer period the walking barefoot on surfaces of the different invoice thanks to which biologically active points located on feet become more active is useful. Solar and air bathtubs, water procedures, all this positively affects immunity. Increases thermal control of an organism and strengthening of health is promoted by hardening. However this action does not suffer haste. At first handles and legs of the child pour warm water, gradually reducing its temperature to room and only then passing to cold.

4. Among the folk remedies applied to improvement of immunity there is a dogrose broth. It is possible to apply it in the first months of life of the child. Preparation of broth requires 50 grams of dried berries. They get enough sleep in a thermos and are filled in with boiled water liter for the night. By the morning, infusion is ready to application, it is possible to drink it in unlimited number. The vitamins C and other substances which are contained in a dogrose help to support health of the child during the winter period.

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