How to surprise the child

How to surprise the child

The one who ceased to be surprised itself will be hardly capable to surprise anyone, especially the child. Therefore begin with yourself. Remember what you were surprised last time to and how long it was.


1. The way with which you will surprise your child, of course, depends on his age. For example, with the smallest it is possible to play "ku-ka". Hide and look out of different shelters, joyfully exclaiming "to a ku-k!". Confusion of the child from your disappearance will be replaced by surprise and joy at your emergence.

2. With the child is more senior you can play a game on orientation blindfold. It is better to play in the yard where there is a lot of free space. Tie with a scarf to it eyes a scarf, untwist it around own axis and you speak to him how many steps he has to take to the right, to the left, forward or back. Then ask it, without untying a scarf, to call the place in which it appeared. When you untie to it a scarf, he very much will be surprised, having seen where it appeared. Even if he will guess this place, he all the same will be surprised to the ingenuity.

3. Surprise the child, having told him a tale about what happened to you on the way home from work. For example, you came into shop behind products, and tell that you met the speaking squirrel in the forest, and she gave these tasty nutlets for your sonny or the daughter.

4. Surprise the child, having done something atypical for you: begin to do exercises every morning, remove together a plasticine cartoon, make a rack on the head, show roundy to it your hometown from height of bird's flight, learn to move together with ears, tell from where children undertake, plant flowers and wait when they get out of hand, move off in searches of a treasure on the seasonal dacha, buy a microscope and examine everything, bring together the child in planetarium, tell it about dinosaurs, etc.

5. Put yourself to the place of the child more often and you look at the world him eyes. For this purpose try to find in yourself the child. Cultivate attentiveness and observation in your child, and then he will learn to be surprised.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team