How to swaddle for the night

How to swaddle for the night

Was considered couple of decades ago that the baby from the first days of life needs to be swaddled hardly, otherwise he will have curve legs when he grows up. Fortunately, this myth is discredited long ago, now there is practically no supporter of hard swaddling left. How after all it is better to swaddle the kid for the period of night sleep?


1. Many modern mothers refuse to swaddle kids, preferring special clothes for newborns. Of course, the dream in clothes has the advantages. The baby it is possible to put on a tummy: in such pose gases depart better, digestion improves, the correct muscular tone of a back and neck is formed, there is vomiting less often. However try to proceed from needs of the baby. If the baby often wakes up because he is awoken by involuntary movements of handles and legs, after all it is better to swaddle the kid for the night.

2. Choose free swaddling for the kid. For this purpose not hardly wrap up a soft flannel or knitted diaper around the baby so that he could move with legs and handles. The kid swaddled in such a way will feel so as if he is in a mother's stomach and therefore with pleasure and quietly to sleep at night. Besides, he will not wake up from involuntary movements.

3. There is still a broad swaddling which is applied at babies to whom doctors diagnose a dysplasia of a coxofemoral joint. If at yours the baby the same diagnosis, then to swaddle it, fold a diaper so that the small small pillow turned out. Record a small pillow between legs of the baby other diaper so that his legs remained free, and hips were widely divorced. It is possible to leave handles of the kid free, having put on him a jacket, and having freely wrapped up a lower body in a diaper and having fixed it under handles on the one hand.

4. It is very convenient to stack the kid on night in a special sleeping bag for babies. It can be got in shop of a kidswear or to sew independently. Choosing a bag, you watch that fasteners did not press to the kid during sleep (better if they are on a coat hanger). Putting the kid to bed in a bag, it is enough to put on to it a diaper and a knitted jacket or baud. The dream in a bag is convenient also that you should not jump at night to correct a blanket, worrying that the revealed kid will begin to freeze.

5. Experiment and choose the option which is the most suitable to the kid normally to get enough sleep, and to you – quietly to have a rest at night.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team