How to swaddle the child at a dysplasia

How to swaddle the child at a dysplasia

Today parents of the baby independently choose, to swaddle him the child or not. Recently more often many mothers refuse traditional hard swaddling, using instead of it free or in general dressing newborns in baud and a romper suit. However sometimes swaddling is really necessary. For example, the doctor in the presence at the kid of a dysplasia of coxofemoral joints can recommend it.

It is required to you

  • - light print diapers;
  • - 1 more dense diapers or small pillow;
  • - disposable diaper;
  • - table for swaddling.


1. Broad swaddling represents the equipment which is used as a method of conservative treatment of a dysplasia at newborns. Such illness especially often occurs in the children who were born in buttock presentation or with patrimonial injuries (dislocation and an incomplete dislocation of a hip).

2. Besides, broad swaddling is quite often applied and for prevention of appearance of this illness in kids 6 months are younger. At a small dysplasia such type of swaddling if to use it since the birth of the child, can be the best option. This method is an alternative to Vilensky's tire and Pavlik's stirrups.

3. It is rather simple to learn broad swaddling. However you will need a little practice to set this ability. So, spread on a special table for the baby a light diaper from calico. Over it put another, having curtailed it into a triangle. Then place the kid so that his buttocks appeared precisely in the center of a triangle. Before it do not forget to put on to the baby a disposable diaper, otherwise you will need to swaddle him very often.

4. At first wind one leg of the kid, and then the second with the ends of a triangle, having fixed them from below under legs. Sprain a bottom corner upward to navel level then fill, as at ordinary swaddling.

5. Between legs put the third, dense diaper or a small pillow. Track that the baby remained in position of a frog. His legs have to be bent in knees and divorced in the parties, at the same time the corner between a body and a leg has to make 60-90 °. Swaddle the kid a light print diaper, having recorded him in the necessary situation.

6. Besides, for fixing you can independently make simple adaptation. For this purpose take cotton fabric and put it several times so that the rectangle of 20 by 40 centimeters in size as a result turned out. After that sew two buttons on one narrow edge, and at other edge make 2 small eyelets. When using this adaptation place a diaper between legs of the kid, and fix on his shoulders. Then it will begin to interfere with data together of legs.

7. Even in case your kid has no congenital pathologies, it is not necessary to cancel swaddling completely. At first after appearance of the child on light the warm and soft diaper provides it sense of security, as well as in mother's stomach. Thanks to it the kid will be able gradually to adapt to the outside world, unusual for it. And already then, several weeks later, it is gradually possible to refuse swaddling.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team