How to swaddle the newborn

How to swaddle the newborn

Such joyful event as the child's birth is very frequent, is followed by fears of young mom, uncertainty in own knowledge about care for the baby, etc. One of the most widespread questions of newly appeared parents: how it is correct to swaddle the newborn?

It is required to you

  • - two diapers;
  • - diaper;
  • - changing table.


1. Spread warm (taking into account season) a diaper, from above on it put one more, thinner.

2. Put from above the baby. Put a diaper on the child. To make it independently, take the gauze put by a triangle, put waistnewbornthe basis of this triangle under , and put its tops together on a stomach, at the same time the lower top has to be wrapped up for two top.

3. Place the child on diapers so that their upper edge passed under his neck. Take both diapers for one of the upper edges and wrap up the kid. Having wrapped up one edge for the child's handle, do the same with the second upper edge.

4. Now take the left bottom edge of diapers the left hand, and the right edge – right, and wrap the lower part of diapers up on the child. Then put one edge of diapers under a back, and - wrap up the second for the first. Swaddling is finished.

5. If you want to swaddle the baby so that his handles remained free, perform the same operations that are described above, only, in this case, make the upper edge of diapers at the level of the child's armpits. Put on handles of the kid of a mitten - "mitten", you watch his nails, in time accurately cut them.

6. Use a type of swaddling by "envelope" for walks on the street in cold season. In the course of such swaddling leave the top corner of diapers free over the head of the baby, and lower – lift and put to the child on a tummy. Wrap side corners as at usual swaddling. It is possible to cover with the top free corner of a diaper or a blanket the child's face from cold air.

7. In hot weather use gauze or thin cotton diapers that the baby did not overheat. When swaddling put on a head of the kid a hat or a cap, seasonally.

8. You watch air temperature indoors where you swaddle the child. It has to be within 24-25º C.

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