How to swaddle the newborn child

How to swaddle the newborn child

Swaddling of the newborn - very easy and simple business. However it causes nervousness and even sensation of fear in many mummies. The women who gave birth to the firstborn explain it with the inexperience. And mothers who already have children justify themselves what was just forgotten as correctly it becomes. Free swaddling when handles of the kid remain not recorded practices in modern maternity hospitals, as a rule.


1. At first mummy needs to decide on the place of swaddling of the tot. It can be as a special changing table or a changing board, and a plain surface of a bed or sofa.

2. The kid needs to be dressed in a baby's undershirt. It can be easy or warm (flannel), seasonally and temperatures in the apartment. If hands of the kid remain open, it is necessary to put on special small mittens that the baby, swinging handles, did not scratch to itself the person them.

3. On a plain surface it is necessary to put the straightened diaper, and already on it the kid. The upper edge of a diaper has to pass at the level of the child's breast.

4. It is necessary to wrap up in the left edge of a diaper a body of the kid and to fill it under a back of the baby. The same should be made also with the right edge of a diaper.

5. The lower end of a diaper needs to be straightened and bent properly up, having laid it on the newborn.

6. The side ends of a diaper need to be straightened that on them there were no folds. At first the left end needs to be sprained under a back of the kid. Then same it is necessary to make with the right end of a diaper.

7. The remained tail of the right end of a diaper needs to be sprained for the fixing pocket which turned out on a breast of the kid. At the same time it is not necessary to allow formations on a diaper of rough folds.

8. Over time swaddling of the newborn will become for mom the usual thing borrowing on time it is no more than a minute.

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