How to swaddle the newborn child and whether it is necessary to do it

How to swaddle the newborn child and whether it is necessary to do it

From time immemorial in Russia it was accepted to swaddle newborns. For this purpose special pelenalnik or povivalnik who represented the fabric strips 15 cm wide decorated with patterns used. They were transferred from generation to generation and considered a charm. Swaddled children from shoulders to legs.

Whether hard swaddling is harmful

Earlier hard swaddling was used for decrease in a postnatal stress at the child. Such manipulations assumed to wind children so that they could not move, hands at the same time were leveled and densely nestled on a body.

The modern medicine looks at this process from other point of view. Thoughtless and long hard swaddling is capable to slow down development of motive functions of the child. Kids a long time get used to the hands and legs. Up to 7-8 months they can awake themselves with starts. Impacts of this sort on legs provoke a dysplasia of a coxofemoral joint. Among negative sides it should be noted decrease in immunity, overheating, squeezing of lungs, blood supply violation. Violation of a habitual physiological pose makes the child nervous and excitable.

Also psychologists who connect hard swaddling with such qualities of the personality as weak character, passivity, tendency to be the victim do not stand aside.

All about free swaddling

Until the birth a body of the kid uterus walls densely embrace, become support for legs and handles. Any imitation of such embraces gives to the baby feeling of comfort and tranquility. In new conditions of stay of his extremity chaotically dangle and often frighten. Psychologists consider a fright the strongest brake of tactile, informative and motor function. The correct free swaddling allows the newborn to accept a convenient pose, if desired to tighten legs to a tummy and to suck a cam, thereby calming itself. The dream consists of a superficial and deep stage. Transition from one type of a dream to another is followed by change of nervous excitability at which the body shudders. At kids of start can be very strong and provoke its fright and a prosypaniye. Thanks to swaddling the child learns to sleep independently, diapers will reliably hold his handles and legs.

When to swaddle

Pediatricians advise to use easy swaddling until the kid does not begin to get rid independently of a diaper, showing the readiness for freedom. By third week at the child interest in the world around wakes up, he wants to touch the toy lying nearby and other objects. At this time it is possible to enter swaddling type "under handles" when wrap up with a skin only legs, without interfering them with freedom. If at the child vskidyvaniye proceed, swaddle with handles. Sometimes need such actions remains up to 5–6 months.

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