How to swing the kid

How to swing the kid

There is a set of disputes whether on a question it is necessary to swing the kid. Some categorically against, and others repeat that it is need. Parents should make the decision independently. And if you the adherent of the second opinion, then you need to know how to swing the kid.

It is required to you

  • −кроватка on wheels;
  • −кроватка - a rocking chair;
  • −коляска;
  • −детское blanket.


1. Each mom, of course, can choose a way of swing which will suit as much as possible and to her, and the child. The kid it is possible to put in a bed on wheels or in a bed rocking chair. Gently shake it here and there until the baby falls asleep.

2. Often children fall asleep during walk. It is good to walk in parks. Lungs of the kid are saturated with oxygen, and it promotes a healthy sleep. You can just go with a carriage on footpaths, it is not obligatory it at this time also to swing, there is enough also of the fact that the carriage rocks in a step of your step. Just walk and enjoy, rest and fresh air is necessary for you too.

3. One more method which is used by many mothers: spread a children's blanket on your bed, put on it the kid, you lay down nearby and gradually shake the baby, raising edge of a blanket.

4. Well, and of course, you can rock to sleep the kid on hands. Though this method is considered the most tiresome for mom, it is more pleasant for your child. So your kid can feel your heat, tenderness and love. And for this reason he calms down and falls asleep. All nine months of incubation you were for it the whole world. And for the kid it is important to feel that you are near. Just you resemble with the baby on hands, you can swing him, sitting on a bed, a chair, etc. Choose any a way, convenient for you, try not to overload a back.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team