How to take blood from a vein from the child

How to take blood from a vein from the child

Blood test is a good way to obtain the developed information on human health. However, if blood sampling from a vein is necessary to the child, the parent should think as it can be prepared for it.


1. Get a referral from the doctor on the analysis. The pediatrician or narrower expert who will consider that the similar research is necessary for your child can give it.

2. Make so that the food allowance of the child corresponded to the necessary analysis. At the general blood test it is not necessary to feed the child since morning before the analysis. Also contraindicated sweet drink. But at the same time it is possible to allow it to drink mineral water. At blood test on various diseases, for example, infectious, to give to the child fried and too salty, sweet or fat dishes within a day before the analysis does not follow.

3. In the presence of an opportunity correctly choose time for the analysis. It is the best of all to appoint it since morning that the child did not remain long hungry.

4. With the child who already reached the advanced preschool or school age, discuss what will occur. It is not necessary to frighten him, especially if he takes a blood test from a vein for the first time. However explain that unlike blood sampling from a finger the analysis from a vein takes bigger time. It is also possible to warn that, most likely, the child will have unpleasant feelings.

5. Take care of that the child did not miss in turn while he waits for the analysis. Take the book, its favourite toy, a coloring with felt-tip pens - from dependence on age. It not only will take its time, but also will not allow to concentrate on fear for the forthcoming procedure.

6. Solve whether your presence at an office of the doctor is necessary during the analysis. Certainly, it is required if the child absolutely small, but to some school students, even from elementary grades, presence of parents can prevent and provoke tears or a protest only. Be guided by psychological features of the child.

7. After the analysis think, than it is possible to please the child for good behavior. The small gift surprise will help to smooth unpleasant impressions about hospital.

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