How to take care of sight of the child

How to take care of sight of the child

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One of the most important human organs are eyes thanks to which we obtain nearly 90% of information on the world around. For this reason the sight needs to be protected from the earliest age.

Workplace of the child

The child should study much, carrying out huge amount of time behind a desk. The working area has to be organized correctly. The table has to be located at a window if the daylight is not enough, it is necessary to buy a desk lamp with not too bright light which has to fall to the left of the right-handed person and to the right of the lefthander. The chair has to be convenient and comfortable, the school student has to sit on it exactly, and notebooks and textbooks always have to be at distance not less than 40 centimeters from eyes.

Day regimen

Classes at school and additional circles and sections lead to the fact that eyes experience serious strain. Doing homework, the child has to distract periodically to relax eyes. It is necessary to find time for walks in the fresh air and active games. The school student has to get enough sleep, and it is at least 9 hours of a dream, otherwise neither the organism, nor eyes will be able to have a rest.

TV, computer and other electronic devices

It is impossible to forbid the child to spend time at the TV, the computer or the tablet, but this time needs to be minimized as all electronic devices are the most important enemies of children's sight.

Food for eyes

The diet of school students has to consist of the various dishes prepared only from natural products. The growing organism needs vitamins, minerals and other useful substances. Special attention needs to be paid to existence of enough the vitamin A providing healthy an eye and visual acuity for many years.

Regular check of sight

To make sure that the child has no problems with sight it is necessary to visit the oculist regularly. Routine inspections have to be had at least 1 time in 6 months. If the expert recommends points, it is necessary to convince the child that in them he will silly not look as many children are afraid of it. It is possible to look through magazines and to find stylish and self-assured school students in fashion glasses.

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