How to take guardianship over the child

How to take guardianship over the child

It is possible to take the child from orphanage on education by means of various forms of the family device. If to such serious step as adoption, you are not ready yet, then it is possible to consider guardianship option.

It is required to you

  • Passport;
  • - the medical certificate about the state of health of the established sample.


1. Guardianship (guardianship) – the most common form of the family device. In case of guardianship of the child take away home according to the decision of tutorship and guardianship authorities, but not vessels. And control of family in which there is such child carries out the same supervisory authority.

2. If you want to take the child under guardianship, then you need to address to guardianship authorities in the place of a registration (registration) and to write the application of the established sample and to provide the medical certificate about state of your health. Actually guardianship authorities cannot demand from you any documents any more. But in practice they have the right to oblige you to collect the full package of documents which is necessary for adoption.

3. After adoption of documents the guardianship authorities carry out survey of your domestic conditions. And within 30 days make the decision whether you can become a trustee. At affirmative answer if you already decided on the child, you can take away it home at once.

4. If you did not choose the specific child yet, use information in regional and federal bases of children which are subject to the device in families. Having chosen the child, apply in guardianship authorities for permission to acquaintance to it. With this permission you come to orphan establishment and meet the child. The director and personnel are obliged to provide you all necessary information, to show a personal record and the medical record.

5. You can look for and watch children so much time how many it is required to you for removal of the final decision.

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