How to take out triplets

How to take out triplets

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Polycarpous pregnancy - the infrequent phenomenon at the person. Its probability depends on some natural factors: age of mother, race and heredity. The family in which the triplets are born instantly acquires the status of having many children. Parents should look after three children of one age at once and to look for original decisions for many household tasks.


1. The pregnant woman expecting triplets has to visit more often consultation as each such case of pregnancy is unique, everything has to become most accurately, correctly and with the smallest risk. It is necessary to listen very attentively to councils of doctors.

2. It is necessary to approach food more carefully and reasonably. The volume of a stomach decreases because of squeezing by his stretched uterus and for this reason it is necessary to divide meals into five-six small portions. Food has to be most sated with useful elements and is extremely balanced, to meet not only needs of future mom, but also needs of the developing kids. The usual dose of the necessary substances needs to be increased approximately by two-three times.

3. In most cases the pregnant woman has deficiency of iron therefore it is necessary to take not only the ferriferous drugs registered by the doctor but also products rich with iron. Sources of animal protein have to be various. It is necessary to alternate meat, low-fat fish, dairy products in a food allowance, to use more vegetables and fruit. From grades of meat low-fat beef, rabbit flesh and chicken meat are more preferable.

4. It is impossible to forget about vitamins. At polycarpous pregnancy the lack of calcium, vitamin C and folic acid can be led to irreversible consequences.

5. At any appeared opportunity it is necessary to have a rest. Excessive physical activities and mobility are very harmful. It is necessary to involve the husband and other members of household in homework. They have to take the maximum care of the pregnant woman, surround it with attention and caress.

6. It is important to be careful with courses on preparation for childbirth, to avoid where very actively do prenatal gymnastics. Any chosen sport needs to be discussed with the attending physician surely.

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