How to take temperature to the baby

How to take temperature to the baby

Today there is a set of various thermometers by means of which it is possible to take temperature to the baby. It both usual mercury, and electronic, and even thermometers in the form of a pacifier. Young mothers often ask a question how to take temperature to the baby? To have no trouble in doing it, take the following advice.


1. Most of mothers give preference to ordinary electronic thermometers. It is convenient in use and is safe. With its help it is possible to take temperature in three ways: under the arm, in a mouth, and in a rectum. So, if you were going to take temperature under the arm, undress the child, it is necessary in order that the thermometer adjoined directly to skin of the kid, but not to clothes. Further put the thermometer under a mouse and wait necessary time - usually in electronic thermometers upon termination of measurements the signal sounds. The handle of the kid needs to be held that the thermometer was densely pressed to a body.

2. To take temperature in a mouth at the baby, sustain a little time after he eats or drinks some liquid. Put a thermometer tip in the child's mouth so that it was under language, and the mouth of the kid was closed. It is the best of all that the kid breathedof nose, but not a mouth. It is necessary to pull out the thermometer also after a sound signal. You watch that the child behaved quietly because if he sharply begins to move, you can damage mucous covers of a mouth.

3. Measurements temperature in a rectum yield the most exact results. Take the thermometer, and oil its tip vaseline or baby, put the child sideways, the kid has to behave quietly, otherwise measurements will be not objective. Insert the thermometer into an anus, and enter on depth into 1.5-2 cm, take the thermometer necessary time. Do not try to carry out such manipulations at all if the kid strongly cries, it is clamped or to resist, it is not recommended to take temperature in such a way to the sleeping children. Newborn babies have intestines walls very thin therefore be extremely accurate.

4. Also measurements can be performed on a bend of an elbow or knee. It is necessary to do it by analogy with measurements of temperature under the arm. If the result of measurements is higher than 38 degrees, immediately call the doctor, and give febrifugal. It is possible that at babies with neurologic problems, at the increased temperature spasms can begin, be attentive.

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