How to take the analysis of urine from the child

How to take the analysis of urine from the child

Babies since the moment of the birth get under observation of pediatricians. In order that inspection of an organism was full, it is necessary to make systematically tests including I wet the child.


1. To collect urine at the baby, water and blow on a tummy bottom. At the kid the urination will begin at once. The main thing - you keep in readiness a sterile can and in time substitute it under a stream. Girls sometimes do not get to capacity. Resort to cunning. Take a soup plate and drench it with boiled water. Once again repeat the procedure - drip on a stomach and blow. Substitute a dish under the child. So, at least a part of urine precisely will appear inside.

2. For children of half a year is also more senior use a special hypoallergenic sack which can be got in any pharmacy. Wake the kid for five-ten minutes earlier, than he usually wakes up. So you will manage to attach a package before the child pees. Take it on hands that urine flew down in the tank. When it is filled, unfasten it from genitals and pour contents in bank.

3. If the child is accustomed to a pot before collecting urine on the analysis, disinfect capacity. Dissolve potassium permanganate in warm water and carefully wash the bottom and walls. Several times rinse under flowing water. After that put the kid on a pot. As soon as he peed, pour liquid in a sterile can.

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