How to take the child from orphanage for the weekend

How to take the child from orphanage for the weekend

If you are not ready to decide on a responsible act yet - to become adoptive parents or adoptive parents, it is possible to hold "rehearsal" and to take the child home for the weekend. Such form of the family device is called the guest mode (day off mode). Though it is possible to take the child on the guest mode for up to one month.

It is required to you

  • - the statement of the established sample;
  • - extract from the house register;
  • - certificate of lack of criminal record;
  • - the medical certificate of the established sample.


1. If you plan to take the child from orphan establishment in family on a constant basis according to one of forms of the family device (adoption, guardianship, a foster home), the guest mode can become for you and the child a good opportunity to reduce the adaptation period. At the same time you should not collect additional references and documents. If tutorship and guardianship authorities issued the positive conclusion, you have the right to take away the pleasant child home for several days in coordination with the director of orphan institution.

2. It is allowed to take children in family for the weekend or vacation is not younger than 7-8 years in order to avoid strong emotional shocks at the child. To this age children cannot adequately react yet to the fact that in several days it is necessary to come back again. They very much become attached to adults and in the first day can already call you mom. From 10 years ask consent to temporary residence in family children. You cannot take the child for term longer than one month. If you plan to spend a vacation together with the child and to go to other city or the country, you need permission of tutorship and guardianship authorities.

3. If you still just want to take the child for the weekend, collect and provide necessary references and documents in guardianship authorities. If issue you the positive conclusion, within a year you can take children on a visit. In case you well know the director of orphan institution, t. to you are a volunteer, for couple of days of the child with you can release at your written request. You pay stay of the child in family independently. Expenses on food, journey and entertainments by the state are not financed both at guardianship, and in a foster home.

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