How to take urine from the child

How to take urine from the child

Analyses of urine belong to the obligatory researches giving doctors information on a condition of an urinary system of the child. Most often urine is taken for the general analysis by which define a condition of kidneys and a bladder. For obtaining reliable results of researches she needs to be collected correctly.

It is required to you

  • Sterile ware with the closed cover.


1. Before testing of urine of the child it is necessary to prepare. On the eve of the procedure do not give him vegetables or fruit which have bright coloring: beet, red apples or pepper. They can affect color of urine. You give to drink to the child in the usual mode, do not allow excessive intake of liquid, it influences urine density. Do not give it whenever possible medicine or grass collecting and if the course of treatment cannot be interrupted - inform on it the doctor who will interpret results of analyses.

2. Prepare ware for collecting urine. Carefully wash and sterilize a jar with a cover, for this purpose it is enough to take of it over steam within 15 minutes. Or get in pharmacy a disposable mochepriyemnik, he is suitable for the child of either sex.

3. Urine for the analysis collect only morning. It is desirable to carry her laboratory not later, than in three hours after collecting, differently barmy cages will begin to be formed there. Before collecting urine wash away the child with soap or by means of weak solution of potassium permanganate. If urine undertakes at the girl, at a podmyvaniye it is important that water flew down in the direction in front back. If at the boy, at a podmyvaniye it is necessary to open a head of a penis and to wash it, however it can be done only if the child has no physiological fimoz. Otherwise at violent moving of extreme flesh it is possible to injure it.

4. If to your child the analysis of urine by Kakovsky-Addis's method is appointed, collect it within a day in one sterile capacity. After collecting the next portion densely close a cover of capacity and place it in the fridge. After the termination of day shake up all collected liquid and cast about 200 ml in another sterilized to bank which carry in laboratory. On the label specify the total amount of urine collected during the whole time.

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