How to take urine on the analysis from the baby

How to take urine on the analysis from the baby

The general analysis of urine helps to detect various diseases connected with the urinogenital system of the child. Doctors recommend to hand over its one-two once a year even if there are no complaints to the state of health. With babies it is even more relevant as on behavior of the kid it is not always possible to understand that it disturbs him. Besides infections of urinary tract often proceed asymptomatically.


1. Wash away the child under a stream of warm flowing water. The careful toilet of genitalia of the kid allows to avoid inaccuracies in results of the analysis. The inguinal area needs to be washed in front back - it is especially important at the girl's toilet. Blot with a dry clean diaper genitals of the child. It is strictly forbidden to use powder and creams before an intake of urine as getting of foreign impurity into the analysis will distort its result.

2. Wash up and sterilize the ferry capacity for the analysis. This measure will help to get rid of microbes and bacteria which can get to a sample. If you use a pharmaceutical sterile container for urine, this step can be passed.

3. Carry the kid to the bathroom and open the crane. You hold the child over a sink or a basin, having put capacity for urine to genitals. From water noise the sphincter of a bladder will relax, and the sample of the analysis will appear in the right place. Most often the baby goes to a toilet right after a prosypaniye and after feeding therefore it is the best of all to do in time this step under this time. Otherwise it is necessary to wait for about an hour until the bladder anew is filled. This way is good for absolutely small children. The child is more senior than 3-4 months hardly will allow to behave long over a sink. Therefore it is better to carry out an analysis intake at the grown-up children by the following method.

4. Use a children's disposable mochepriyemnik who it is possible to get in pharmacy. He has a hypoallergenic glue basis thanks to what densely keeps on genitals of the child. Its sterility guarantees purity and accuracy of the analysis. The penis of the boy is located in a mochepriyemnik through a special opening, the glue basis densely nestles on skin. To girls this adaptation is pasted to big vulvar lips. If over the pasted mochepriyemnik to put on shorts or a diaper, he will better be recorded that will exclude its accidental unsticking and course.

5. Unstick the filled mochepriyemnik. Pour its contents in in advance prepared sterile capacity and carry in laboratory.

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