How to talk to the child when he is not able to speak yet

How to talk to the child when he is not able to speak yet

The kid hears the speech of adults from first minutes of the life. He does not understand words yet, but listens attentively to them, learns to learn voices and reacts to intonation. Young parents are quite often lost when cannot understand that is wanted by the child, and even not really willingly reconcile to a thought that he in general can want something. To begin to learn to communicate with the kid it is necessary from the very first days.

It is required to you

  • - toys;
  • - use objects;
  • - pictures, nursery rhymes, fairy tales.


1. Talk to the baby all the time while he is awake. In the first months the communication will take not really a lot of time, but it has to be. Comment on all the actions. Now you will change clothes of Sashenka, will take clean diapers and a new white shirt. Show to the kid of a toy, call them, you say what they are colors and what are made of.

2. Communicating with the baby (and at times and with the child is more senior), adults almost always begin to speak more slowly and more distinctly, than usually. It is the correct approach, the child, in addition, watches position of organs of articulation. It will be easier for it to catch a way of extraction of any given sound if the adult shows it to it. At the same time to you it is not necessary to burr purposely, to lisp. The kid from the very beginning has to hear the correct speech, then he also will seek to speak correctly.

3. As soon as you understand that the child listens to you consciously and already consciously does some movements by hands, teach him to a sign language. He cannot tell yet what he wants, but will manage to show that it needs a toy or a small bottle with water. Having called some subject, point a finger at it or a hand. Think up gestures which the kid could show that he is hungry that it should replace a diaper or that he wants to sleep. A game of ""Forty"" will quite fit in order that the kid could ""tell"" you what he wishes to have a bite. The palms put together and pressed to a cheek enough clearly will let know that it is time to sleep.

4. The sign language not only will facilitate understanding which the kid desperately needs. Long ago communication between fine motor skills of hands and the speech is noticed. The more the child is able to do by hands, rather he will learn to speak. Besides, actor's abilities develop, the child will be able to give by expressive movements an image of a subject. In such a way to express the thoughts it is possible to use long enough and even after when need to achieve understanding by a similar way disappears. Gestures it is possible to represent various objects - books, toys, use objects, etc.

5. Some parents seek to think up ""children's"" language, designating objects by the simplified words. You should not do it. But also it is not necessary to interfere with the small child who thinks out the words too. Not all children do this. If your kid uses such words in the speech, in it is necessary to remember them, but it is necessary to repeat hardly. However many children try to call a subject the correct ""adult"" word at once though it not always turns out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team