How to tame the child to a pot

How to tame the child to a pot

Many parents consider that they know about the child literally everything. In addition it seems to much that they know when there have to be any given changes in the child's life. Practically all know during what period of the life the kid tries to go or pronounce words. And here the moment when, and, above all how to begin process of schooling to a pot, is known to the little.


1. The period of acquaintance of the baby with a pot at all comes differently. At someone from mothers it can turn out with the one-year-old kid, and at someone much later. Here the most important is to pay attention to features of the child whether he is ready to independence, whether it is able to listen to what is told him by parents and to follow their advice.

2. In case before you decided to accustom the child to a pot, it wore diapers, take off them from it, allow the little researcher to study the body. He has to know for what purposes to it serves genitals at this stage of life. Quite so the child will be able to see all process of disposal of an organism of unnecessary substances and to correlate the desires to the subsequent opravleniye. In addition the kid will not need to remove something from himself before sitting down on a pot – it considerably can accelerate all process of schooling.

3. Leave a pot always in visibility limits of the child. He has to get acquainted with him, perhaps he will have a desire on it to sit. If the kid tries to use a pot "not according to purpose" (to drag in a mouth, to strike with it in objects), softly stop it and explain for what purposes it is intended.

4. Having seen that the child behaves not absolutely naturally (strains, slightly reddens), suggest it to use a pot. At the same time you say to him precisely what he needs to make "to do a poo or pee". Do not hesitate to put into words so ordinary things, so your kid will understand quicker that want from him.

5. In case there is "accident", it is not necessary to abuse the kid, to shout at him and by force to put on a pot. If you want to accustom the child to a pot at early age, you should have patience. Try to point softly to its mistake and to show where exactly it is necessary to celebrate need next time.

6. After the kid uses a pot properly, surely praise it, note what he is a good fellow. Seeing your positive emotions, the child will quickly compare them to the actions and will understand that it is good to use peas.

7. Suggest the child to descend on a pot at once after he wakes up or will eat (often the necessary functions of intestines leading to depletion become more active exactly at present).

8. The most important in the course of training is existence of a quiet situation around. It is unlikely the child will agree to use a pot when nearby there are strangers or all shout. Schooling process quite labor-consuming, and parents need to be ready to the fact that on all apartment there will be various "surprises". However the patience and sincere love for the kid will help to cope with all difficulties, and the subsequent result will become your small general achievement.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team