How to tame the child to an order

How to tame the child to an order

It is important to accustom the child to an order and it is necessary at the earliest age. It will teach the kid not only to clean up, but also to show accuracy and concentration in another matters.

1. The habitat of the child, from the very first days, brings up the correct or wrong attitude towards purity and an order. It is heavy to teach the kid to be accurate if in the house where he lives, things, in a sink the mountain of dirty ware are scattered, and very long ago did not change clothes of him. Parents, the very first and striking example for imitation, and children, as we know, seek to imitate in everything to parents.

2. Cleaning has to become a habit. It is possible to allocate certain time, for example, hour a week when you give to the child instructions on cleaning. The regularity of this method, brings up a habit. The kid himself will soon ask, than to him to be engaged on cleaning as it can help.

3. To put the children's room in order, to put toys and other things, it is necessary to equip the room with enough cases and shelves, various boxes, it is possible to show to the child as it is correct to put in them things. Bright, motley boxes and boxes will be suitable for toys and all trifles, process of cleaning will become more cheerful. Surely allow the child to have the space, a box where he will store  personal belongings, displaying them at discretion.

Mistakes of parents

1. To teach the child to everything and at once it is impossible. It is correct to explain gradually as well as what to do, show on the example, then the result will appear.

2. To force the child to clean up quality of punishment incorrectly. In consciousness, cleaning will be associated with something unpleasant and persuasive. It is necessary to cultivate love for an order, after cleaning the child has to feel satisfaction from the performed work.

3. You should not focus attention that cleaning is a direct duty of the child from which anywhere not to disappear. It is better to formulate differently, the help to parents in purity maintenance, an opportunity to create comfort around themselves that most it was pleasant.

4. It is not necessary to demand from the child of ideal result, he copes according to the lights.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team