How to teach children to eat independently

How to teach children to eat independently

One of basic abilities of the kid is an ability to eat and drink independently. The first tool which use the child begins to master is a spoon. And the speed with which he will learn to handle this subject directly depends on parents. The longer they will feel sorry and sponsor the kid, the these, at first sight, simple skills will be more difficult for it to be given.

On the contrary, children whose parents do not interfere with their aspiration to self-development very quickly study new. It is necessary to treat training process patiently, to consider what time for feeding will leave more now that at meal time the baby will be soiled itself and to smear everything around. But it should not become a reason for refusal of independent feeding and return to feeding from a spoon at all.

When to begin?

In books on children's psychology optimum age to start training 7-8 months are considered. At this age the child fits in a stool already well and itself eats bread, cookies or croutons. It is considered the first manifestation of independence. Gradually, the child begins to take food from a plate hands. And it is categorically forbidden to abuse him for it. Thus he kind of trains independently to eat. It is necessary to make sure that he takes and strong holds things between big and index fingers. And as soon as you noticed that at yours the baby it well turns out, safely give him a spoon.


The child it is necessary to accustom to eat since childhood in kitchen. And that it was convenient to the kid, for feeding it is recommended to use a special table. That the child was not soiled, he should put on fartuchek from waterproof material or a bib. It is better to have several such fartuchok as they are quickly soiled, and they should be erased often. There are special bibs with the curved edge preventing running off of food on the child's clothes. They are made, as a rule, of flexible plastic. Besides they without effort wash and quickly dry.

Besides, the kid has to have a personal set of ware: a mug, a spoon and a plateau from unbreakable material. For this purpose heat-resistant plastic which will sustain repeated falling and will remain whole will approach.

It is desirable that the plate had sides and a sucker, with it it will be difficult for child to turn it. Choose ware with bright interesting drawings. It is possible to find in sale of a plate with the tank for hot water. Such heating will allow food to remain warm longer.

The small mug will be suitable for drink (about 125 ml.) with handles on the parties that it was convenient to kid to hold it.

Today without effort it is possible to buy the small spoons made especially for small. They have a convenient rubberized handle which it is easy for most inexperienced to hold even to the baby.

As a rule at the age of about two years of the kid it is necessary to begin to accustom to a fork. Children's forks make with the rounded-off cloves that the child of did not wound. When using of a fork, mom has to show to the kid as it is necessary to pin food and as carefully to use it.

In 3 years it is possible to add not sharp children's knife to a set of ware, previously having shown for what it is necessary.

Rules of training

It is necessary to follow several easy rules in order that your baby successfully learned to use tableware.

For a start, make sure that all adult family members it is aware of the fact that the child studies independent food. It becomes in order that it did not turn out so that some teach the child, and others spoon-feed him. If it occurs, the kid will be lazy and capricious.

Training needs to be provided daily that the gained knowledge was fixed at the child in memory. The exception is made by cases when your kid in bad mood, or it cuts teeth. In this case it is possible to concede and feed him. But as soon as the state is normalized, lessons should be recommenced.

Day after day the child has to see how parents eat. Therefore try to eat food together. The kid will imitate you and to seek to learn to eat.

You feed the child at the same time.

At the initial stages porridges and puree which are easier to carrying to a mouth best of all will be suitable for training, without having poured.

And, of course in order that your child had a desire to learn to eat independently, cook its favourite dishes.

A spoon is dear when lunchtime is near!

To show to the child as it is necessary to use a spoon, mom has to take in the hand, scoop it food and carry her to a mouth. At the same time the child should enclose a spoon in the handle too. Repeating several times this procedure, you will show how it is necessary to eat. At first, the kid will squeeze a spoon all cam as it still poorly developed fine motor skills and coordination. But at this stage the main thing to learn to inform of food a mouth. If you see that your child was tired, finish feeding him the second spoon. If it is difficult for it to scoop independently food, fill a spoon. It is possible to learn to eat playing, for example, alternating a mother's spoon and the.

We drink from a cup

To study it is possible to drink from a cup since 6 months. The child can facilitate transition from breastfeeding to a cup by use of a feeder – a cup from plastic with a special cap. To learn to use a cup it is necessary also showing on own example as it becomes. Mom picks up a cup, and in the face of the child drinks then she carefully presses a cup to the child's lips, inclines it and allows it to take couple of sips. At the beginning it is necessary to hold a mug and to secure the kid, showing him the correct tilt angle. That the kid did not choke, liquid in a mug needs to be poured on 3-4 drinks.

Rules of conduct

It is necessary to accustom to behave since early childhood of the kid at a table as it befits and always before food to wash hands. It is necessary to explain to the child for what it becomes and as it is important to observe hygiene before and after a meal.

It is necessary to refrain from feeding of the child outside kitchen, and at meal time to leave on a table for feeding only ware, having removed all toys.

Also you should not allow the child to play with ware from which he eats. And, of course, do not abuse the child for carelessness. Teach him to use a napkin better.

Finally, it is important to praise the kid for his attempts to study even if also not the most successful always. So he will seek to please parents even more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team