How to teach children to love the nature

How to teach children to love the nature

For the child the world of the nature conceals in itself a set of riddles. Helping the kid to realize beauty of the world around, slightly opening before it a veil over the mysteries of the nature, parents will be able to impart to the little person love and careful attitude to all live, to beauty of the home ground.


1. The inner world of the child begins to develop in early childhood. At this age begin to develop esthetic perception of fine at the kid. Try to make so that the nature became for it the wise friend.

2. During walks open with the kid fine and surprising in natural phenomena at all seasons of the year. Draw the attention of the baby to, apparently, habitual phenomena. Admire the snow sparkling under bright beams of the sun, beauty and variety of forms of each separate snowflake, snow caps on branches of trees in the winter. The spring bearing revival of the nature will present to the kid of an impression of the making the way young grass, the bulked-up kidneys and the first leaflets; the summer will please with morning dewdrops, the hot sun, a rainbow after a rain, fragrant flowers, will teach to listen and distinguish singing of different birds.

3. Your task to help the child to get more deeply into the world of beauty of the nature, having seen a miracle even in usual, the most imperceptible. Do not pass by, peer, penetrate, listen attentively together with the kid! In the fall when paints and smells of the withering nature are especially expressive, collect the fallen-down leaves of trees, admiring their form and color, make bouquets of dry leaves.

4. You teach the child to art perception of the nature. Make together walks to the forest or the park, on the lake or the river, observe and remember smells, sounds and paints of the nature, draw, photograph it. Make with the child an album with a collection of the photos of beautiful landscapes, types of the nature. Suggest the kid to express the impression, vision by means of applique or the drawing. Encourage at the child desire to create, do hand-made articles of natural materials (cones, snags, dry leaves, flowers, etc.).

5. Try to disclose talent of poetic vision of the nature in the kid. Interest the child in the composition of small poems on the nature, stories, fairy tales. Read books about animals, the nature: E. Charushin, V. Bianki, K. Paustovsky, M. Prishvin, B. Zhitkov and other wonderful children's authors.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team