How to teach children to study

How to teach children to study

Situations when the child who very much wanted in school sharply loses interest in study, are not so rare. Parents try to find the reason, force it to be engaged, but results are more than modest. The reason can be that the child just is not able to study, so, very quickly loses interest in lessons and in school.

It is required to you

  • - games of attention;
  • - the developing games;
  • - videoplayer with informative programs;
  • - computer with the text editor;
  • - hourglasses or timer.


1. Long ago it is noticed that the person can be engaged in interesting business very long. Its time happens not to tear off. That the child could focus on studies, they have to it be interesting, he has to learn to derive pleasure from occupation and its results. Informative programs, educational films, fascinating books for the different industries of knowledge can help. Explain to the child that he will be able to make discoveries too if he manages to learn to gain knowledge necessary for this purpose.

2. In initial classes some children suffer from inability to concentrate attention, and it not always happens because the subject is uninteresting. Consult with the school psychologist. He will offer you didactic games of attention. They can be found and. These are such games as "find differences", "that superfluous", "edible – inedible", mosaics with samples, etc.

3. Teach the child to be guided in space. Already such concepts as "top", "bottom", "to the right", "to the left" are available to the kid of early age. The child of school age has to not think even when suggest to take it the handle in the right hand and to begin to write with the top line.

4. To the first class the child already has to be able to compare objects of the size and a form, to know structure of number, to define in what group there are more objects, and in what less. It is possible to teach it during walk, preparation of a lunch, games with different objects. For example, suggest to count the necessary amount of carrots or potatoes for soup, to compare their quantity.

5. The computer can greatly help. Explain to the child that the Internet is thought up in order that each person could find the necessary information easily. Show several popular scientific and educational websites. That to use them, the child has to learn to read and type simple texts.

6. Teach the child to organize the time, alternating different types of classes. For example, he has to spend for a lesson 35 minutes, and then 10 minutes can have a rest. You very much will help out hourglasses. It is possible to use also the timer. Explain that it has to be in time in 35 minutes.

7. Always be aware of what happens in school, but do not do homework for the child. Your task is to control process, and it has to study. Accustom your school student to look for at first the decision independently, and already then to address you. Explain to him in what way it is possible to find the necessary solution – to look at similar tasks, to rummage in reference books, to look on the Internet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team