How to teach children to write capital letters

How to teach children to write capital letters

To teach the child to write capital letters it is possible also at home. Only it is necessary to give classes methodically correctly that the kid had not to reconstruct from house lessons to school. Therefore adhere to the standard scheme of carrying out lessons of the letter.

It is required to you

  • - image of a printing and written letter;
  • - subject pictures;
  • - copy-book or a notebook to the narrow line;
  • - handle.


1. Before beginning to train the child in the letter of letters, teach him to carry out simple elements of which letters consist: direct vertical sticks, sticks with a curve below and above. Conveniently at this stage to use special copy-books. At first consider an element, then suggest the child to circle it several times on points, and after that let the kid will try to write independently. Draw the attention of the child to borders of these elements: lower and top line of a working (narrow) line.

2. After that begin training in the letter of the letters consisting of these elements. At first it is necessary to acquaint the child with a printing letter that he knew how it is called and remembered it visually. For this purpose it is possible to offer the kid of a riddle, proverb or a number of pictures with the image of objects in which name the same sound often occurs. The task of the child is to allocate it.

3. Now show to the kid the image of a letter which designates the repeating sound. Consider it. Ask the child what it is similar to. Here actively the children's imagination begins to work. Associations of the kid will help it to remember this letter quicker. After the child stated the assumptions, show him the illustrations which are in advance prepared by you. For example, letter K – in the form of the person standing with the raised hand and the leg exposed forward; Ф – the person at whom hands are on a belt, etc.

4. Only after acquaintance to a printing letter it is possible to pass to capital letters. Show how the studied letter is written. Your movements by a hand have to be slow and are visible to the child. At the same time comment on each element of a letter (I put the handle to the top line of a working line, I conduct from top to bottom, without bringing to the lower line of a working line do a curve, I conduct the line up, etc.). Do not forget to draw the attention of the child to an inclination of elements.

5. Before the child gets to work in a copy-book, it is possible to use reception of the letter under the account (a straight line - "time", a curve – "and", the following straight line – "two", etc.) in air and also an obvedeniye of letters on a plastic cliche – a hand will remember movements when writing a letter.

6. Then it is possible to pass to writing of a letter into copy-books (or a usual notebook with narrow lines). In them it is also offered to circle at first a letter on points, after that to write independently. After each studied letter offer the child the letter of syllables, then words and offers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team