How to teach the child it is beautiful to speak

How to teach the child it is beautiful to speak

It is pleasant to listen to the competent speech and when beautifully and expressively the child talks – it is pleasant doubly. Ability accurately and clearly to state the thoughts – great advantage and guarantee of future success. Therefore it is so important that parents taught the kid to speak beautifully.


1. The best teacher – a personal example. Try to speak distinctly and competently, get rid of ugly expressions and "filler words". Insults and furthermore offensive language – a taboo, the child copies not only behavior, but also the speech of parents.

2. Communicate with the child. Let he will in detail tell you how there passed it day. Attentively listen how the kid speaks. Tactfully correct him, explain word meaning, prompt the correct pronunciation and an accent.

3. Get a special grant for training of children of the correct and beautiful speech. Classes in these techniques will help the child to set skills of reading and also to expand a lexicon and to develop the coherent speech. The main thing that such lessons brought joy and were carried out in the form of a game.

4. Read as much as possible. Children's reading has to be various: fairy tales, stories, stories, children's encyclopedias. It expands a lexicon of the child and does the speech brighter and expressive. Practice reading aloud, do it accurately and with expression that the kid remembered the correct intonation and pronunciation.

5. You learn by heart verses and tongue twisters. Verses train memory and improve diction, and tongue twisters will help your child to learn accurately and to speak beautifully.

6. You praise the kid even for small progress: "You very well told today the poem", "As you expressively read the fairy tale, you have an excellent intonation!". Such words – an incentive for new fulfillments, they will give to the child confidence in the forces.

7. Let the child participate in morning performances and festive shows. During the house rehearsals explain to the kid that if he it is too silent, muffledly or on the contrary quickly to speak, then the audience will understand little and will remain is dissatisfied with representation. Over time the child will get used to performances on public, and his speech will become accurate and clear.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team