How to teach the child most to do homework

How to teach the child most to do homework

Many children, apparently, not bad cope with preparation for lessons. Teachers praise them for correctness and accuracy, but not always guess that it is result of hours-long collaboration of the child with parents. Sometimes pair doing homework drags on to an average link, and meanwhile, psychologists claim that each graduate of elementary school can independently do homework if to teach him to it.


1. Help the child to make a daily routine. It will help it to realize that performance of lessons is not infinite, and observing the mode, he will manage both to play and to take a walk and to look at favourite transfer.

2. You praise the child for the slightest achievements. Even if work in a notebook turned out not really accurate, but you know that the child tried, note it.

3. Let the child know that doing homework is its responsibility. And from that, how fast and qualitatively he will cope with lessons, that how many free time at it will remain depends.

4. Do not throw the child alone with notebooks from the first day of study. Transition from collaboration to independent doing homework has to be gradual. At first you have to be present nearby continuously, but try not to interfere with the work course. Over time begin to leave for a while to the neighboring room, every day increasing duration of the absence. Sooner or later the child will learn to cope with lessons without your participation.

5. Do not refuse to the child when he asks you for the help. If to him material or a formulation of any task is unclear, he for nothing will spend time and all the same will make nothing. It will not add independence, and here disgust for doing homework will impart. Explain to the little pupil what he does not understand, push him on a right course of thoughts, and it will quickly finish begun.

6. Do not force the child to perform homework on the draft copy. Repeated copying of work will only tire, and because of it the quantity of mistakes will increase.

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