How to teach the child not to wake up at night

How to teach the child not to wake up at night

To young mom happens very difficult to get enough sleep when the child wakes up at night. If the kid already grew up and you refused night feeding, then it is necessary to teach him to sleep all night long till the morning.


1. Equip a dream zone for the child that it was not only beautiful and cozy, but also comfortable. In a children's bed there has to be a qualitative mattress, best of all orthopedic, a convenient and not big pillow. The bed has to correspond to age and growth to the child, also it have to be safe - with sides. Bed linen - from natural fabrics and a quiet coloring.

2. To improve the child's dream, air in the bedroom has to be cool and humidified. For this purpose before going to bed air the room, and for increase in level of humidity it is useful to get a qualitative humidifier which not only will facilitate breath during sleep, but also will reduce risk of developing of cold at children.

3. Explain to the child that his bed is intended for a dream, but not for games. Do not assume that the child played beds, so the berth will be associated at it only with a dream.

4. That the child did not wake up at night, it is necessary that he was tired in a day enough. Daily activity of the child has to consist not only in the developing classes, viewing animated films and quiet games. Physical activity is very important. The child needs to splash out the energy and emotions in the movement, that is he needs to run about and gambol. It is better to do it in the fresh air. For good night sleep walk with the child daily, and in good weather twice a day. Fresh air is useful to a children's organism. On the street it is possible to shout, play outdoor games. If it is boring for child to run to one, keep him the company.

5. In 1-2 hours prior to a dream occupy the child with quiet games. Bathing before going to bed weakens and disposes to good, sound sleep. It is possible to add to a bath when bathing broths of the calming herbs.

6. If the child nevertheless wakes up at night, at all do not talk to him and do not turn on the bright light. If he wants to drink or in a toilet, it is enough to include a night lamp. After satisfaction of requirement it is necessary to put to bed at once again the child. Lay down in a bed too and close eyes, usually, when children see that parents sleep, they fall asleep too.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team