How to teach the child of accuracy

How to teach the child of accuracy

If the child constantly scatters toys and clothes, inaccurately carries things, does not wish to wash and does not clean up ware after a meal, there is a question how to teach him to accuracy? Children often do not understand that it is accepted to be norms of society clean and to behave decently.


1. Show on own example that it is necessary to be accurate. But if in the apartment a mess, in kitchen the mountain of dirty ware, and mom and dad go on the house in untidy look, then though tell the child about purity and an order though she is not present, it will copy all the same habits and behavior of parents. Therefore, first of all, change, and then already accustom the child to accuracy and cleanliness.

2. Every day clean up and wash ware, put things back, correctly behave at meal time. Then the child, looking at you, it will become obligatory to repeat all your actions. And it means that the problem of the scattered toys, litter, and the clothes rolling everywhere will be solved and the behavior of the kid at a table will become good.

3. Turn such tiresome occupation as cleaning of toys, into a fascinating and cheerful game. Then the child with pleasure will bring order. Get several color boxes. Allow the kid "to settle" independently certain toys in "lodge". For example, dolls can "live" in a blue box, machines and other equipment - in green, soft toys - in yellow, the designer - in red and so on. Then turn on the music and organize a competition who the first will remove toys - the child or mom (dad). If children two and more, organize a competition between them. Do not forget to praise the winner.

4. Approach process creatively. Removing toys, teach to consider the baby. At first to five, then to ten, etc. Remember or study names of geometrical figures, collecting cubes, balls and any other toys. All of them, anyway, consist of circles, squares, rhombuses, ovals and rectangles.

5. Keep in mind, the child often does not bring order only because does not know what to begin cleaning with. Help it council, and sometimes even action. For example, suggest the baby to put at first soft toys, then dolls and their accessory, further to start books and magazines. And at the end let will throw out candy wrappers, bits, stones and other garbage in a garbage can. Be sure, it qualitatively and quickly will remove everything. Do not forget to encourage the kid.

6. You remember, many forces, patience and time before you achieve from the child of desire to remove will be required. For this reason the question of how to teach accuracy, needs to be put when it was three years old, but not when it became the adult and independent person.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team