How to teach the child of assiduity

How to teach the child of assiduity

Quick and active children, undoubtedly, cause affection. But the excessive activity, as a rule, leads also to restlessness. At the same time assiduity — important quality for full development of the child. Psychologists are sure that attentive and assidious children seriously are ahead of eccentrical peers in the development. So, how to achieve from the child of assiduity?


1. The first months. In 3-4 months after birth the child is already capable to concentrate attention on some subject within three minutes. Therefore in the first months it is worth beginning to develop this quality. For this purpose it is worth using carousels mobiles, various rattles on a rack and the developing rugs which the kid can watch some time. Besides, your face can become very interesting object for study: the child is capable to consider the face of parents even for 20 minutes!

2. The first steps. At the end of the first year of life the child begins to show excessive activity. It is a high time to train him in assiduity. For this purpose it is necessary not just to give him toys, but also to help to study them. If you show to the kid the machine, tell about it as long as possible, study it together with the kid. Tell him as its small car is called what it is intended for how many at it wheels and doors what it colors. It is also necessary to show to the child of function of his toys. For example, the doll can eat, bathe, dance, walk, change clothes. It not only develops assiduity, but also stimulates imagination. The main thing that in the child's environment for once there were no more than three toys. Then he will be able to give everyone enough the time, without being distracted by a variety of bright objects around.

3. To think aloud. The attention of the two-year-old child needs to be transferred from the passive mode to active, i.e. any. For this purpose the thicket should read to the child of the book and to ask to retell them. It is also necessary to discuss with him pictures, animated films, plots of its games. It is a high time to play at two-year age those games which assume classification of objects (for example, to sort toys in the flowers).

4. The developing games. Since one and a half years of the child it is possible to accustom to collect puzzles. This game as any another, promotes concentration of attention and development in the kid of assiduity. At first you should be engaged in it together with the child, but then he will get used and will learn. As soon as the child is able to hold a pencil in hand, teach him to paint pictures in the book coloring. The child can give colors to favourite heroes long enough.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team