How to teach the child of independence

How to teach the child of independence

By the nature children are active. For children it is characteristic to try what is done by adults. Often parents the behavior suppress this natural activity of children and are surprised to their dependence subsequently. The first desire – to tell the child: "Give, I, you will only pour water on a floor". And then the child does not want to wash the dishes at all.


1. Of course, when the child masters new action, first he makes many mistakes. But not the result in itself, and training process which needs to be organized correctly is more important. Decide for yourself that it is more important at present: clean ware or training of the child in this action.

2. The child really can perform not any operation completely independently. If it is difficult for it, and he asks you, help. It is necessary to help. But only in those moments with which the child cannot really cope. Do not undertake what he also can make, let and not absolutely correctly or accurately.

3. In process of development by the child of action reduce a share of the participation; gradually your help has to be less. In it your observation and care will be required. First, you should not shift all responsibility to the child too early. In this case he simply will not cope and will be upset. As a result – the child can refuse to perform this operation. Secondly, your too long and persistent help is dangerous too: it is direct way to muffle independence of the child.

4. It is not necessary to speak to the child: "Give I, I will make better and quicker". Tell better: "Give together".

5. Surely congratulate the child on success even if it is not successful result, but any intermediate steps. On failures and mistakes it is not necessary to concentrate.

6. Your joint time with the child has to be positively painted. Derive pleasure from your communication. Then development of new difficult skill for the child will be much more cheerful and easier.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team