How to teach the child of life

How to teach the child of life

To teach the child of life, it is necessary to teach him to follow laws of society and to allow it to develop freely. In this case parents need to try especially as here not to do without patience and understanding.


1. First of all tell it about laws and rules of human existence. Try that he not only observed the external proprieties, but also learned to understand and accept life bases in society. Explain also that these rules exist not only for it, but also for you, parents who submit to them too.

2. Explain to the child point of the bans. Try that he understood that if rules are not and all will do that will want, the life will become too difficult because of constant danger to fall a victim of crimes.

3. Explain to the kid that it is not necessary to beat others, except for self-defense cases and also to dispose of what does not belong to him. Think up the main rule and you say it as often as possible, illustrating real and invented stories better – own acts. For example, "Treat others as you want that treated you".

4. Do not make a mistake, believing that the child will grow up, itself will understand and will learn all rules (for example that to him will be explained at school or will tell peers in the yard). You remember - to mature, he needs your help.

5. Do not think that there will be enough once of an explanation of rules. Do not forget also that constantly it is impossible to forbid the child as restrictions have to be reasonable and correspond to age needs of the kid.

6. To bring up the one who was would like in the child first of all pay attention to the behavior which will be for it an example. You find time to make something good in the presence of the child: to explain the road to the visitor, to open a door for the disabled person or the person loaded with packages. Or, for example, come together to the elderly lonely grandfather, take an interest in his health and ask whether it is necessary to help it something. Invent various stories in which your child will be a hero and then at you everything will turn out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team