How to teach the child quickly is

How to teach the child quickly is

Many parents face unwillingness of the child is quickly. The kid can long be picked a plate, obviously avoiding the unpleasant procedure. In order that the child learned to eat quickly, you need to turn his breakfasts, lunches and dinners from obligatory affairs into interesting adventures.


1. Find out flavoring preferences of the child and consult with the nutritionist. Often children do not wish to eat quickly because they just do not love with what they are stuffed by parents. Let's say the child hates porridge, but easily agrees to pasta. Make the list of dishes which will suit the child and on composition of necessary substances, and on flavoring preferences. And then you half solve the problem.

2. Accustom the child to table etiquette. Sometimes it is hard for children to cope independently with a fork or especially with a fork and a knife. Or teach the child is different devices, or give the chance is what it got used to, but then do not abuse it for his choice. It can accelerate process of eating of food too.

3. Turn food into an interesting adventure. It is possible to buy a set of beautiful plates and to ask to eat everything to see the drawing. If you have two children, can try to organize competitions – food on speed. The main thing, you watch that they were not overzealous and did not choke. One more good way is food before the interesting telecast or the animated film. Lay a table in 15-20 minutes prior to the beginning of a cartoon and ask it to manage to eat up, entertainment will not begin yet.

4. Allow the child is at different speed. Everything has to be moderately. It is not obligatory to eat quickly always. For example, during week-end or in the evening at supper when it is not necessary to be going to school or kindergarten, it is quite possible to sit at a table longer. To communicate, to eat slowly. The child has to understand that slow eating of food – not a shortcoming, not something forbidden and attractive. It is simply one of behavior options which should be used not always and when there is time. Than rasslablenny it will approach a question, that will quicker learn the first to eat everything that to it put in a plate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team